"Your career should be enjoyed, not endured."

I joined Stevenson & White in 2013, initiating the second generation of our family-owned and operated recruitment firm. Prior to Stevenson & White, I worked in various corporate sales and customer service roles. This experience allowed me to make a relatively smooth transition into the world of recruitment. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management from the University of Glamorgan (UK) and a Business Administration Diploma in Professional Golf Management from Georgian College.

I was thrilled to join the energetic and collaborative team at Stevenson & White and I am committed to upholding our core company values – honesty, integrity and professionalism. I have discovered that matching skilled finance professionals with the right organizations is a very rewarding process to be a part of. It is critical in today’s evolving job market that organizations attract and retain top talent to remain competitive. Human capital will continue to be an organization’s greatest asset, and for that very reason I pride myself on intently listening to both my client’s needs and the candidates’ expectations to ensure I find the best fit!

When it comes to the candidate experience, our team understands that searching for new opportunities can be challenging, so we are 100% committed to making that transition a smooth and pleasant experience. No one should feel like a number when they walk through our door!

Whether you are a candidate looking for a new role or a hiring manager or HR professional looking to fill a vacancy in your organization, I encourage you to call or email me or any member of our team. We would be happy to help and are committed to making the process easier for you.

In my spare time I am either taking my dog Stella out for a hike with my wife, sliding out for a round of golf or just simply relaxing at the cottage, ideally around the BBQ or on the water with my family and friends.