I joined Stevenson & White in 2018 and was thrilled to have the opportunity to carry on my family’s business while maintaining the high standards of professionalism, integrity and honesty that we are known for here in Ottawa.

Prior to joining Stevenson & White, I spent a number of years working as a Realtor, where I was able to develop strong interpersonal skills and master the art of negotiations. I consider myself to be a people person and working closely with people has always been a passion of mine, which made the decision to transition into the recruiting world an easy one. I strongly believe that one of the most critical aspects to Stevenson & White’s success is our ability to listen and truly understand exactly what it is our clients and candidates are looking for. Taking the time and making the extra effort to pair those qualities is what sets the good matches apart from the great.

On a personal level, when I’m not in the office, I love to spend time on the golf course or relax with my friends and family at the cottage.