Tips for Job Searching during COVID-19

If you have found yourself looking for a job, whether due to the pandemic or you are just wanting a new opportunity, it is a challenging time to be on the hunt. Things look a lot different right now with many businesses running remotely. Get yourself well positioned with these job searching tips:

  1. Update your résumé

Keeping your résumé up to date helps to ensure you are ready for a new opportunity at any time. Highlight your skills and be prepared to tailor them to the specific job you are applying to. Make sure your document reads well and is free of any spelling or grammar mistakes.

  1. Set up a LinkedIn profile

We are living in an electronic world and employers will often look to your LinkedIn profile to learn more about you. It is also a great platform to increase your network and source more job opportunities.

  1. Consult with a recruiter

As a job seeker there is no cost to you to use a recruiter as they get paid by the companies who are searching for potential candidates. A recruiter will find you opportunities that match your skills and salary expectations and give you the real scoop on each job. In addition, recruiters will also review your résumé to ensure you are well presented and help prepare you for any interviews. They can also assist you in comparing and negotiating offers.

  1. Be open to contract positions

With the current state of affairs, a lot of companies may not have permanent positions available or may not want to commit to filling a full-time position. A good portion of the time, contract positions turn into a permanent position or open the door to other opportunities within the company. Keep this in mind when considering positions posted as contract!

  1. Be ready for an interview with little notice

In a world with interviews being performed over Zoom or other online platforms, many interviews are being scheduled within a short period of time. Be prepared to be flexible with your schedule so you can accommodate, otherwise you risk the chance of missing an opportunity.

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