Why are you looking to make a change? Maybe it is “just time”.  Maybe you are just starting to passively look. Maybe you are returning to the work force.  Maybe you have just been laid off. Whatever your situation, we can help!

At Stevenson & White, we believe that you should not make a move unless it is worthwhile. It has to make sense! It has to be better than what you have now! We promise to take the time to find out what is important to you.

We place people on a permanent, contract and temporary basis at all levels. Don’t wait for that perfect opportunity to appear on our website. Act now! Send us your resume and let us start working on your behalf today!

Our Process

It’s simple! We sit down with you face to face to find out what you don’t want and what you really do want! When a suitable opportunity becomes available we will contact you – before sending your resume!

Review of Resume
Before we agree to meet you we will review your information to make sure that your education and experience are in line with the type of profiles our clients are usually looking for.   
Personal Interview
If selected, we will set up a personal interview during which we will review your work history, discuss the type of opportunity you are looking for and find out what is important to you.  And we promise to listen to you!!
Insider Tips
We offer career advice, resume tips and interview preparation – all critical parts of the process.
Forwarding your Resume
We will never forward your resume to any client until we have had a candid discussion with you regarding the pros, cons and overall fit, and we have confirmed your interest in the position.
Review of your Resume with Client
We use the knowledge we have gained from our personal interview with you to ensure that our clients are not making a decision based on your resume only.
Preparation for Interviews
We coordinate all scheduling of interviews to ensure the most efficient use of both our candidate’s and client’s time. Based on our established relationships with our clients, we take the extra time to ensure that our candidates are well prepared before every interview. Candidates are provided with a full understanding of the job responsibilities and the corporate culture.
Follow up after Interview
We obtain feedback from both the candidate and client. We address any concerns or questions that either party may have and make sure that everyone has all the information they need to move to the next step.
Presentation of the Offer
Once a decision has been made we usually present the verbal offer to our candidates (unless of course our client prefers to make it themselves). This allows for honest feedback and ensures a more solid placement.
Follow up after Placement
Our relationship does not end when we have placed you! We will follow up with you during your first few weeks to ensure both you and the client are happy and to ensure everything is going as expected.
Building Careers
No matter how good an opportunity is, there may come a time in the future when you will be ready to seek a new challenge. If and when this time comes, we would welcome the chance to assist you again (in fact we would be hurt if you went to a competitor!!).

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