How to Appeal to Candidates in Today’s Job Market

The candidate market has changed a lot in the past 3 years. More people are looking for remote work after being forced to work from home during the pandemic and realizing how well it worked for them, and in most cases allowed them to be just as productive. We also experienced a surge in the retirement of the older population, leaving many jobs vacant with not enough qualified candidates to fill them. Now the ball is often in the candidate’s court as they entertain multiple job opportunities.

Enthusiasm and Communication

Things are moving faster than ever in the current employment market and if you don’t keep an open line of communication with potential candidates, you will lose them to someone who has. Job seekers want to feel not only acknowledged but valued. If you are truly interested in having them work for you, show them that with enthusiasm and consistent communication. Even if it isn’t the highest paid position they could find, if everything else aligns, your interest in having them join your team could make the difference.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

This is an easy deal breaker for most people. Many candidates have been working from home for a few years and they are reluctant to be back in the office five days a week with potentially long commutes or being stuck in traffic. The most attractive employers are those who empower their employees to make decisions about when and where they work.

Job stability, Growth, and Development Opportunities

Candidates don’t want to be job searching again in a short amount of time. They want to find a job they can grow in and that will be continuously engaging. Opportunities that offer strong mentorship and advancement potential sit high on many wish lists.

Total Compensation Package

It isn’t just the bottom-line annual salary that makes or breaks the offer for a candidate. It’s the whole package. Job seekers want valuable benefits such as performance bonuses, health benefits, and reasonable vacation days, as well as extras such as lifestyle perks or personal days.

With the potential of competing job offers, skilled candidates aren’t desperate for jobs. Companies who are still trying to get candidates back in the office full-time, offering lower salaries, or fewer perks are not going to attract top talent.  To hire strong accounting or finance talent, companies need to have realistic expectations and they may need to be more flexible than in the past.

Companies who are struggling to find good candidates could consider hiring candidates who are less experienced and then providing extra training to quickly bring them up to speed on the remaining requirements. You may need to be less concerned about checking all the boxes and more about the person and finding the right fit.

Finally, if you meet someone you want to hire, make a decisive move. If you don’t come out with a strong first offer, or don’t show that you value this candidate and the potential they have to offer you and your company, you may miss out!

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