The Stevenson & White team has a proven track record in finance, accounting and payroll recruitment and we are well-known in the Ottawa area for our knowledge, honesty and expertise. Clients and candidates know that by selecting Stevenson & White as their Ottawa recruitment agency of choice, they are selecting a firm they can trust.

I joined Stevenson & White in 2013, initiating the second generation of our family-owned and operated recruitment firm. Prior to Stevenson & White, I worked in various corporate sales and business development roles. These experiences allowed me to make a smooth transition into the world of recruitment. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management from the University of Glamorgan (UK) and a Business Administration Diploma in Professional Golf Management from Georgian College.

I was thrilled to join the energetic and collaborative team at Stevenson & White and I am committed to upholding our core company values – honesty, integrity and professionalism. I have discovered that matching skilled finance professionals with the right organizations is a rewarding process to be a part of. It is critical in today’s evolving job market that organizations attract and retain top talent to remain competitive. Human capital will continue to be an organization’s greatest asset, and for that very reason I pride myself on intently listening to both my client’s needs and the candidates’ expectations to ensure I find the best fit!

In my spare time, I am either taking my dog Stella out for a hike with my wife, playing with my kids, sliding out for a round of golf or just simply relaxing at the cottage.

I joined Stevenson & White in 2018 and was thrilled to have the opportunity to carry on my family’s business while maintaining the high standards of professionalism, integrity and honesty that we are known for here in Ottawa.

Prior to joining Stevenson & White, I spent a number of years working as a Realtor, where I was able to develop strong interpersonal skills and master the art of negotiations. I consider myself to be a people person and working closely with people has always been a passion of mine, which made the decision to transition into the recruiting world an easy one. I strongly believe that one of the most critical aspects to Stevenson & White’s success is our ability to listen and truly understand exactly what it is our clients and candidates are looking for. Taking the time and making the extra effort to pair those qualities is what sets the good matches apart from the great.

On a personal level, when I’m not in the office, I love to spend time on the golf course or relax with my friends and family at the cottage.

I joined Stevenson & White in 2017 after more than 8 years in a sales and service role in the insurance industry – ready for a change and a new challenge! Being a recruiter at Stevenson & White is the perfect fit for me. I enjoy connecting with people and helping someone in their next career move is something that I take very seriously.

Having made changes in my own career, I can truly appreciate what’s involved in making a move. Searching for a new job or a new employee can be time-consuming, especially in our ever-changing economy. I focus on relationships and ongoing communication over the long-term, always keeping in mind there are nuances and unique qualities to every individual, team, and company. Taking the time to determine these unique qualities is what sets us apart as a recruiting firm. We want to be sure that every individual we connect with knows that we are doing our best for them in every capacity. Loving what I do every day is just the icing on the cake for me personally!

I grew up south of Ottawa in Osgoode and currently live in Greely with my husband and two sons. When I’m not at work, you can find me hanging out with my labs, Hank & Rosie, baking in the kitchen or relaxing at the cottage.

Jen Danby McDonald

Manager of Corporate Services
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I have been with Stevenson & White since 2005 and I love being a part of our close-knit team and providing support in my role as Manager of Corporate Services.

I began my career in Toronto as an elementary teacher and then quickly moved into Human Resources and corporate sales training at a large pharmaceutical company. After moving to Ottawa where my husband and I wanted to raise our family, finding my role at Stevenson & White was the perfect match for me. Having made significant changes along my own career path, I appreciate what’s involved in deciding to make a move and the challenge of finding the right fit.

When not at work, I keep busy with my family. With one child in university and one in high school, parenting brings new challenges! At home you will typically find me spending time with my most dedicated followers – cats Oreo and Archie and cavapoo, Brady.

Anne Stevenson


Though now officially retired, I was a specialized financial recruiter in the Ottawa area from 1992 until 2020. I have a competitive nature, but I never lost sight of the fact that finding people a new position impacts their everyday lives – and so I genuinely tried to make sure that wherever we placed someone would make them happy on a daily basis and offer them a rewarding, satisfying career. Our current team continues to work towards this goal!

Now that I’m retired, I spend my time with my family and my horses. I love nothing more than riding across the countryside or just being at the barn. “A ride a day keeps the therapist away!!” Of course I also enjoy spending time with my husband, two sons (when they aren’t busy at work!), my two daughters-in-law and my four wonderful grandchildren or being at our lovely cottage in Lanark Highlands.

Cary Hodgson

Recruitment Office Administrator
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I joined Stevenson and White in 2020 after many years in the Tourism Sales and Marketing Industry and I am really enjoying the recruitment side of things! The team here has a strong passion for what they do, and I love that they take great pride in finding the perfect match for both the candidate and the company. As a strong believer in loving what you do, I am proud to be able to contribute to a team that is striving to help people achieve this in their lives.

In my spare time I can be found spending time with my husband and our three kids and all their various activities, or walking our dog Riley. I also love being outside, travelling and discovering new places, and can be found attempting to golf or hitting the slopes in the wintertime!