Adjusting to a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Change is always hard and there is an adjustment period until things feel right. In 2020, when most of the world shifted to a remote workplace, it seemed scary and uncertain for many reasons before becoming the new way of life. Now, as we emerge from many of the restrictions, it’s hard for some people to revert to the way things once were. The face of the workplace has changed and it’s now re-shaping to a modified version.

We have seen the pros and cons of working remotely and many employees have proven that they can still be productive in a remote work environment. We have seen the benefits of a better work-life balance and how in-person relationships are still very important. While being back in-office may not be something all offices are bringing back, at the very minimum a hybrid work arrangement seems to be the most popular, and for many it’s an appropriate compromise. Will hybrid be the new norm? Will it be a long-term way of life? Only time will tell. In the meantime, here are some tips to adjust to the changing workplace.

Adjust Your Expectations

Many were fortunate to have been able to work remotely during the pandemic – not everyone was as lucky! Be thankful and re-align your outlook to embrace the changes. If your work requires it, expect there to be days when you will be needed in the office.

Plan Ahead

Be sure to plan for those days you will be in the office, so that you have time to get there on time, and you can manage the rest of your daily schedule. Determine what work duties are best to tackle in-office.

Share a Calendar

If you are able to choose which days you are in the office, be sure to make your calendar available for your colleagues to see, so that they can plan meetings accordingly and know where and when you can be found.

Be Respectful of Colleagues

Everyone is trying to navigate through this new reality. Be patient and understanding. Everyone handles change differently and is trying to sort out how this new system works.

Embrace Change

Change takes time to adjust to. Rather than fight it, accept it, and look for the positives! It will go a lot smoother, and you might even realize that there are aspects of the changes that you enjoy.

Embrace your work environment in whatever form it takes and enjoy the flexibility that it offers. Whether there is another adjustment down the line or not, this is the current face of the workplace. Rather than resist it, take it on with a positive mindset because who knows, it just might stick around.

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