Don’t Pause Your Job Search for Summer

When warmer weather begins to appear, you may be tempted to put your job search on the back burner. It’s understandable (especially in Canada where we relish all the warm weather we can get!) to avoid anything that might interfere with your summer plans, but in our experience it’s not usually the best idea and could mean that you miss out on that perfect opportunity!

Reasons Not to Delay your Job Search:

  • The majority of companies that are looking to hire someone new just before or during summer, will honour vacation plans that have already been made. This is something we can discuss with the hiring company, on your behalf, and it can be included as part of your starting package.
  • Since the tendency is for other people to take a break from looking for work in the summer, then you could benefit from less competition for that job you really want. While other candidates are sitting by their backyard pool, you could be on your way to getting that dream job you’ve always wanted!
  • Summer can also be an easier time for you to take time off from work to interview with other potential employers. Since companies tend to have more downtime during the summer, it can be a better time to get away without being missed.
  • Fall is a busy time for a lot of families and it can also be a key time for planning for many companies. Beginning your new job in the summer can mean that you are nicely settled in by the time September rolls around. You won’t need to be focused on a job search when things are ramping up with your life at home and you’ll be ready to be fully involved in anything going on at your new job.

A summer job search can also be the perfect time to engage the services of a recruiter because we can take some of the pressure off of you. Let us look for available opportunities so you can spend more time enjoying the summer weather! Contact us now and let us start looking for you!

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