Tips For Working In The Office During Covid

Working in the office during Covid presented its own challenges and brought out a few uncertainties. Taking proper precautions can ensure everyone’s safety!

The Stevenson brothers decided to combine in-office and remote work here at Stevenson & White, while the rest of the team had been been working from home through the stay-at-home orders.  We recognized how different things were and we would like to share what we learned. Check out our top five tips for helping you to feel safe and comfortable in a time such as Covid:

1. Ensure You Have Proper Mask(s)

Even if you are only required to wear your mask in common areas, you will still want to make sure you have one that is not only comfortable, but that fits you well. Also, it helps to keep an extra one or two around in case yours gets dirty, wet or ‘moist’, to not only make it more comfortable, but to offer you and any others around you the most protection possible.

2. Make Sure You Have Proper Supplies

You should have sanitizer and cleaning wipes readily available to wipe surfaces down and regularly sanitize your hands. If you do not have these easily accessible you should ask your employer, as they should be providing you with these items to ensure everyone’s safety.

3. Try and Alternate In-Office Days if Possible

If your employer wants you to work in the office, perhaps there may be an option to only be there on certain days and to alternate with others in the office to limit the number of people in the office at one time. Either way, make sure you have proper space away from others who are in the office at the same time as you.

4. Keep an Open Line of Communication With Your Employer

If you are not comfortable with being in the office, or with the set up in place, be sure to speak with your employer to see if you can come up with a way that will work for both of you. Also, if you are not comfortable with the cleaning protocols in place, you should discuss this as well. These are unprecedented times and hopefully your employer will be as understanding as possible and will want you to be as comfortable as possible.

5. Go Outside

Whether it is just for a few minutes or an actual lunch break, getting some fresh air will feel nice and is key to your health. When it is warmer out, perhaps find a bench or a picnic table to have your lunch at or take a walk – something that always helps no matter what the scenario!

Everyone has a different comfort level during a pandemic, and you have a right to speak up if you are not completely on board with the set up. Get vaccinated as soon as you are able to and hopefully things will improve soon. In the meantime, stay safe!

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