Tips for Working Remote or Hybrid

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Remote and hybrid work arrangements continue to be very common. It’s looking more and more like this will be the new way of the workforce! So, if this is the new reality for the long-term, how do employees ensure they are maintaining a proper balance between home and work? Check out our tips for some healthy habits that can help:

Stick To The Same Schedule & Take Breaks

Unless there are other factors to work around, such as having children home from school or working around other times zones, it is best to keep to the same schedule you would if you were working at the office. Having clear-cut times for work helps to ensure you maintain a good work-life balance. It can be hard to remember to take breaks when you are working at home, so be sure to set yourself a timer to ensure you take proper lunch breaks away from your computer.

Leave Your House

Make sure you take breaks outside of your house, fresh air and daylight are so beneficial. A short walk provides physical activity that can not only benefit you physically but mentally as well. This will help your work focus!

Keep a Dedicated Workspace

Not everyone has a spare room to set up for an office space but if you are able to set up a dedicated desk or table space to use only for work it is best.  This helps to clearly differentiate between work time and personal time.

Stay Connected With Your Peers

The hardest part of working remotely can be feeling disconnected and lonely. Be sure to stay connected in any way you are able to. If your company offers a team messaging app, make use of it or schedule regular video calls. Social calls can be very helpful in staying connected, even if it is just a quick five-minute chat.

Take Advantage of The Perks of Being Home

In addition to an easier commute, there are some other added benefits to working from home such as throwing in a load of laundry on your break or even doing some quick dinner prep. Take advantage of having these opportunities at your fingertips and you’ll feel more accomplished at the end of your day!

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