Tips for Maintaining Mental Health

Mental health IS just as important as physical health. It includes our emotional, psychological and social well being. Having a good work-life balance can greatly improve your mental health and people who live balanced lives can be more productive in all areas – at home, at work, at play. One of our company mottos is […]

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Job interviews can be quite nerve-wracking, but they can go a lot smoother when you are well prepared. Take the time to prepare yourself and arrive with confidence. After all, if you believe you are a good fit for the job, and this is something you really want – this is your opportunity to tell […]

How to Appeal to Candidates in Today’s Job Market

The candidate market has changed a lot in the past 3 years. More people are looking for remote work after being forced to work from home during the pandemic and realizing how well it worked for them, and in most cases allowed them to be just as productive. We also experienced a surge in the […]

Adjusting to a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Change is always hard and there is an adjustment period until things feel right. In 2020, when most of the world shifted to a remote workplace, it seemed scary and uncertain for many reasons before becoming the new way of life. Now, as we emerge from many of the restrictions, it’s hard for some people […]

Tips for Working Remote or Hybrid

Remote and hybrid work arrangements continue to be very common. It’s looking more and more like this will be the new way of the workforce! So, if this is the new reality for the long-term, how do employees ensure they are maintaining a proper balance between home and work? Check out our tips for some […]

What to Look for When Reading a Job Posting

Reading through an entire job posting can save you a lot of time and effort! Job searching can feel like a job on its own and if you don’t take the time to read carefully, you could miss out on important details that could influence your decision to move forward. Carefully reading a job ad […]

Job Offer Negotiations

So, you got the job offer but it wasn’t quite what you were hoping for. Now what? Be Familiar with Industry Salary Trends Research the going rate for the position and see if there is high competition for jobs in that field.  Take into consideration the years of experience you have to offer, and how […]

Tips For Working In The Office During Covid

Working in the office during Covid presented its own challenges and brought out a few uncertainties. Taking proper precautions can ensure everyone’s safety! The Stevenson brothers decided to combine in-office and remote work here at Stevenson & White, while the rest of the team had been been working from home through the stay-at-home orders.  We […]

Survival Tips For Working From Home With Kids

All our staff at Stevenson & White had children of various ages at home during the COVID lockdown, and it was a struggle for each of us. We can certainly relate to what some of you may have gone through trying to balance work and children – whether there are little ones by your side, […]

Tips for Job Searching in a Competitive Market

If you find yourself looking for a job, whether due to a move, the loss of your current position, or you are just ready for a new opportunity, it can be challenging to be on the hunt. Get yourself well positioned with these job searching tips: Update Your Resume Keeping your resume updated helps to […]